Ross Products

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Our Mission

Ross Products’ goal is to provide distribution solutions for our manufacturing partners, and to continue making high quality products available to our customers.


Established in 1982, Ross Products is a privately held, US company founded as a provider of paper products to various market segments. Over the last 30 years, we have developed strong market knowledge, custom sales and distribution structures, reliability, and a dedicated technical and customer support staff.

Business Philosophy

Ross Products is known for its reliability and sense of urgency.  We are service focused, flexible and have strong partnerships with key domestic and international suppliers. We also have a wide range of products available, offering over 1500 SKU’s. We have a consulting approach to customer and supplier relationships and we are constantly looking into new product development with access to technical and R & D resources.


Adding Machine Rolls

Our calculator and adding machine roll paper is ideal for permanent records.  The bright white color makes print easy to read.  We offer a variety of sizes to fit any application!


Our printer ribbons come in black, red, and purple ink.  They are individually sealed in plastic to prolong ink saturation and extend the life of the product.  The high ink capacity will keep your checkout line moving!

Thermal Paper

The utilization of thermal paper for POS is endless.  We have an assortment of sizes, even sizes that are unique and hard to find.  Our paper is made to fit in a variety of common credit, debit, and point of sale machines.

Carbonless Paper

We offer two-ply and three-ply options.  Great for restaurants, delis, and cafes.  Designed to fit a variety of credit , debit and POS machines.  Contact us for the size you need!

Specialty Products

Ross Products is known for carrying hard to find specialty products. Some of these products include labels, architectural paper, exam table paper, plotter roles, etc. If there is an item you need but do not find on our website, please email or call us for assistance.

Food Packaging Items

We also carry a variety of food grade papers which include pan liners, freezer paper, labels, steak paper, cheese and meat interleavers – just to name a few!

Partnered With

We are members of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association & the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors.


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